Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I've Been Driving Around This Town

This post first debuted on my now-defunct "de-cluttering" blog.

I drove all of my crap around town yesterday in an attempt to sell it (excluding the two Goodwill-bound trash bags). Five hours later, I ended up with...

  • $73 dollars from Plato's Closet (down to $51 after the purchase of purse and long-coveted jacket);
  • $30 in store credit from Buffalo Exchange (down to $6 after purchase of REALLY LONG-TIME COVETED mustard cardigan);
  • A trunk full of clothes.

That's right. My trunk is still full of those G.D. clothes. (But hey: at least I have fifty bucks!)

I knew I was going to do some shopping while I was waiting for my clothes to be sorted through, so I made sure to go into it with a mental list of the stuff I actually want. (I was going to say "need," but no one really NEEDS a mustard-color cardigan.)  I ended up buying three things, all of which were on my "I've wanted this for at least six months" list. Maybe there's hope for me after all.

Oh, and I have a new shopping rule. Ready?

If the item doesn't make me look better than I did coming into the store, it ain't coming home (even if it's—gasp—on sale!).

I used to buy things that merely "worked" just because they were cheap. Never mind that the shirt was too short or not my best color or a shitty fit: if it was cheap and not hideous, I felt obligated to buy it. That's the mentality that led me to this closet purge. Almost everything I parted with was either from middle school/high school or from cheap sales.

Quality over quantity, girl. Quality over quantity.

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